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End of Summer... Finally!!

October 5, 2018 - 3:26 PM

Hallelujah! The heat wave has finally broken, and we have received some much-needed rain. It came at the perfect time to help the Residential field staff. Our slab count had been growing week over week. The rain helped us catch up quite a bit before the next wave of slabs hit. This sure helps to take some pressure off. On the downside, the rain will surely slow down the releases from our customers. It will also potentially push out some of the new subdivisions that were getting close to starting.

One subdivision did kick off in September, Crystal Springs for Century Communities. Forms are set on the first eight houses. There are several more subdivisions coming in the near future. We had four prototype walks in September, two for Lennar and two for Brookfield, all four went very smooth with lots of compliments directed toward Buffalo.

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