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The Buffalo Story


Myles Dance took an apprenticeship carpentry class his senior year of high school. He started his trade in the Pacific Northwest for several years. Myles moved his new family to Austin Texas in 1985 and was hired on a framing crew.

Myles decided to start his own framing company in 1989 and named it Buffalo Framing in honor of his parents who were both from the Dakota’s. He worked out of the back of his pickup with one crew and then with multiple crews as the work would allow. With hard work and dedication, Buffalo became well respected in central Texas.

Buffalo Framing And Truss - About Us

In 2000 Myles bought 6 acres in Pflugerville Texas to open a floor and roof truss facility. He wanted to build trusses that made the framing process more productive and efficient. The following year he changed the name to Buffalo Framing & Truss LLC.

Today Buffalo Framing & Truss provides framing and truss services for residential and multi family projects throughout the state of Texas. From our humble beginnings our goal has always stayed the same... to improve everyday so we can become the best framing and truss company in our industry.

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